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Date: 2023-05-12
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From ancient times to the present, human pursuit of living has been constantly changing, and decoration materials have also been constantly innovating, from logs to artificial boards, from artificial boards to decorative panels. Continuously exploring the balance between natural environmental protection and living environment from the perspective of raw materials, adding to the beauty of living, what are the excellent decorative panels available? According to the decorative materials, there are 6 opinions recommend: 1: wood veneer decorative board, 2:PVC film decorative board, 3:PET film decorative board, 4:acrylic sheet decorative board, 5:UV coating decorative board , 6:and EB SINAI film decorative board. According to the texture, there are usually wood grain, stone grain, leather grain, cloth grain, solid color, etc. Among them, wood grain includes wood grain and decorative paper wood grain, and decorative paper also includes wood grain, stone grain, leather grain, cloth grain, solid color, etc. Simply , when consumers choose wood, if they like the realism of wood, they choose wood veneer board. If there are no special requirements, they can choose various textures and materials of board according to personal preferences. So let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different decorative panels.

1: Advantages and disadvantages of wooden veneer MDF board decorative panels


Advantages: From the perspective of tactile vision, it is close to nature and can present a simple, natural, and peaceful feeling.

Disadvantages:(1) The later maintenance is relatively cumbersome and not resistant to dirt, requiring frequent maintenance and care; (2) Not resistant to yellowing and easy to fade; (3)Regular cleaning is necessary, as it is prone to aging and has poor weather resistance.



2: Advantages and disadvantages of PVC film decorative panels.


Advantages: This type of material has advantages such as lightweight, waterproof, moisture-proof, insect prevention, easy installation, and low price.

Disadvantages: The performance of PVC is not stable enough, and over time, it is prone to deformation and aging, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Generally, it will become old after 3-5 years, which is not conducive to environmental protection, easy to cause pollution to the environment, and also harmful to the body.


3: Advantages and disadvantages of PET film decorative panel


Advantages: High hardness, wear resistance, good electrical insulation, excellent creep resistance, dimensional stability, good weather resistance, stable chemical resistance, low water absorption, weak acid resistance, little temperature influence, and solubility in organic solvents.

Disadvantages: It is not subject to hot water immersion, no alkali resistant, and has poor corona resistance, high costs.



4: Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic sheet decorative panels


Advantages: High hardness, good transparency, easy cleaning, strong impact resistance, commonly used as the preferred material for cabinets.

Disadvantages: High cost, fragile, and inconvenient transportation.


5: Advantages and disadvantages of UV decorative panels


Advantages: Smooth surface, wear-resistant, insect resistant, not easily deformed, rich in color, easy to clean, stable quality, impact resistance, and high strength.

Disadvantages: Poor moisture resistance and high temperature resistance, not recommended for use as a cabinet, not completely environmentally friendly.


6: Advantages and disadvantages of EB SINAI film decorative board


ZHIHUA EB SINAI film decorative board adopts aerospace technology: EB electron beam curing technology is applied to the surface of the film material, and the color is pure, natural, and realistic. More importantly, ZHI HUA enterprise is currently the most advanced and highest standard in terms of hardware equipment and production environment. 1. ZHI HUA group enterprise and European SML jointly developed the first high-end decorative film production equipment in Asia, which is pure European imported equipment and European technology process, and the product has high stability and flatness, Positive and negative tolerances can be controlled within 5 μ Within m, completely solve the pain points of domestic high gloss film materials. 2. ZHIHUA group have the first domestic production equipment for EB electron beam curing film materials, and the first domestic application of civilian nuclear technology to decorative film materials, resulting in a curing rate of 99.9%, aging resistance, 5-millisecond instant curing, no VOC pollution, no thermal effect, no use of solvents, and no need for photoinitiators. 3. The production environment is all in a 100000 level purification workshop to ensure and improve the stability of product quality. Overall, the advantages of EB SINAI film decorative board are: economic and environmental protection, weather resistance, sun resistance, yellowing resistance, dirt resistance, easy cleaning, scratch resistance, high hardness, oil resistance, chemical resistance, fingerprint resistance, and thermal repair. It is currently the ceiling of the decoration facial mask material industry.




The EB SINAI film decorative board uses the simplest colors to create the purest space and restore the simplest life. Add a touch of brilliance to your home, a safe harbor, and escort your home life! We recommend using EB SINAI film decorative board for your home decoration!

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