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Decorate panels for Home decorations, with a wide variety of options!

Date: 2023-06-28
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Decorate panels for Home decorations, with a wide variety of options!

Nowadays, when customizing home furnishings, decorative panels are an unavoidable topic. They are not only convenient to use, but also have a variety of decors and craftsmanship, making home life rich and colorful! Today, let's take you to understand the characteristics, advantages, and application space of PET film decorative panel, EB SINAI panels, ecological panels, OSB panels, and wood decorative panels!

PET film decorative panel

PET film decorative panel is a decorative panel made of plywood, OSB, and other Engineered wood as the base material, and PET film as the surface laminate material. The formaldehyde emission has reached the E0 environmental protection level to ensure green and healthy space.

Product performance characteristics

High surface hardness and good scratch resistance

Good glossiness and smooth feel

Has excellent gas, water, oil, and odor resistance properties


 Furniture manufacturing fields such as high-end cabinets, clothing, and doors.

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EB SINAI panel

 EB four resistant board is a food grade environmentally friendly board that utilizes aerospace technology to directly apply EB electron beams to decorative substrates such as fiberboard, OSB board, multi-layer board, particle board for EB process coating.

 Product performance characteristics

 '0' formaldehyde, no VOC volatilization, no yellowing in 10 years, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, oil stain resistant, antibacterial, mold resistant, graffiti resistant and easy to clean, micro scratch can be Hotfix, and it is a ceiling level panel in the veneer industry.


Furniture manufacturing and home decoration fields such as cabinet panels, door panels, wall panels, panel furniture, office desks, etc



Ecological board

Ecological board is a decorative board made by hot-pressing adhesive film paper impregnated with amino resin onto plywood/MDF board / particle board/fiberboard/.The raw materials for the ecological board are selected from the original ecological wood and adopt a paint free process.

Product performance characteristics

Strong solid wood feel and convenient construction

 Stable size, not easily deformed

 Lightweight and high-strength, with good nail grip

 The surface is flat, stain resistant, and easy to clean


 Wardrobes, cabinets, and other panel furniture, office desks, etc


OSB Furniture Board

 OSB Furniture Board is a decorative board made by laying adhesive film paper impregnated with amino resin on oriented particle board and hot pressing it. The use of highly active MDI adhesive without formaldehyde in the production process has strong adhesion, good weather resistance, and is more environmentally friendly, achieving high environmental standards. At the same time, it has good stability, load-bearing capacity, and nail grip strength, and is not easily deformed for a long time in humid/dry environments.

Product performance characteristics

Ecological and environmentally friendly, with a surface that is stain resistant and easy to clean; Stable size, not easily deformed; Lightweight and high-strength, with good nail grip.


 Panel furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets, as well as office desks.



Wood veneer furniture board

 Wooden facing furniture board is a decorative board with decorative veneer veneered Engineered wood as the base material and the surface treated with UV paint.

Product performance characteristics

Smooth and colorful surface

Scratch resistant, long-term deformation resistant

Waterproof, stain resistant, acid and alkali resistant


Furniture manufacturing and home decoration fields such as cabinet panels, door panels, and wall panels




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