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What is the EB cabinet door panel

Date: 2023-07-19
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What is the EB cabinet door panel

As consumers' demands for home quality and environmental performance continue to rise, home companies are also increasingly emphasizing the importance of 'environmental protection' and 'appearance' as two factors.


Zhihua Group adheres to the concept of integrating global good products and creating a good board. It has always adhered to creating home products that balance excellent performance and safety and environmental protection, continuously improving product safety and environmental protection, and enhancing product quality. For nearly thirty years of deep cultivation in the board industry, Zhihua Board has always been customer-centric. Through continuous innovation in technology, materials, performance, and other aspects, the needs of consumers have been highly met, making outstanding contributions to creating a high-quality living space.


Zhihua Group has launched a new series of EB cabinet door panel, bringing consumers a comprehensive upgrade of their user experience! Today we will talk about the EB cabinet door panel. What is it and what are its advantages?




1. Zhihua Group EB Cabinet Door Panel


EB panel, also known as EB electron beam panel, refers to an energy carrier with ultra-high energy generated by the electron beam accelerated by a high-voltage electric field. The high-energy effect of its electron beam can achieve 5 milliseconds of curing, with an excellent curing degree of 100%, and no harmful substance emissions.

 We apply EB technology to board, giving it the advantages of EB. After electron beam curing, the EB board has characteristics such as antibacterial, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, stain resistant, and super smooth surface; And the hardness of the board reaches 5H, and the environmental protection level of EB board reaches ENF level.



2: Advantages of EB cabinet door panel products


The EB cabinet door panel has many advantages: long-lasting and non fading, environmentally friendly and odorless, more delicate curing effect, and no color difference,Uniform curing, high temperature resistance, fingerprint resistance, UV resistance, easy to clean, and light scratch repair.


 (1) EB technology advantage: more delicate curing.




(2) EB technology advantage: anti fingerprint



(3) EB technical advantages: light scratches can be hot repair



(4) EB technology advantage: high temperature resistance.


(5) EB technology advantages: anti graffiti, easy to clean.




(6) EB technology advantages: environmentally friendly, odorless, and resistant to mold.



Zhihua Group is committed to continuous innovation, balancing environmental protection and beauty, and using EB curing technology to create an excellent quality space,Incorporating the beauty of space into the innovation of technology, creating an immortal and rock like texture, choosing the EB cabinet door panel of Zhihua Group is a bit more worry free and reassuring!



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