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What is an acrylic sheet?

Date: 2023-07-08
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What is an acrylic sheet?

Acrylic sheet is a common transparent material, also known as acrylic, organic glass, or PMMA material. Its main component is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is a thermoplastic with excellent optical and mechanical properties.

1 transparent acryli sheet.png

2 pure color acrylic sheet.png

One of the characteristics of acrylic sheet is their high transparency, which can reach over 90% of the transparency of glass. In addition, it also has good heat resistance, impact resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. Acrylic sheet is an excellent plastic with excellent physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, which has been widely used in many fields.


3 high gloss acrylic sheet.png


The production of acrylic sheet usually uses two methods: pouring and rolling. The pouring method involves pouring a mixed polymer solution into a prepared steel mold, and then placing it in a constant temperature bath for heating and drying to form a molded part. The rolling method is to heat and soften polymer sheets, and use a rolling machine to produce the required size of the plate by applying a certain pressure.


Acrylic sheet are widely used in fields such as construction, advertising, home furnishings, packaging, and medical devices. The main application of acrylic board in the construction field is as a substitute for glass, because it has the characteristics of light, transparency, safety, and can effectively reduce building energy consumption. In the field of advertising, acrylic sheet is widely used in billboards, light boxes, display racks, logo logos, and other aspects. In the field of home furnishings, acrylic sheet is often used in the production of furniture, cabinet doors, walls, etc.


4 -1 acrylic board composition.png

5-2 acrylic MDF board.jpg


In short, acrylic sheet is a widely used and high-performance transparent material, which plays an important role in many fields. With the continuous growth of people's demand, the application field of acrylic sheet is also constantly expanding and innovating, and its development potential is gradually receiving attention and attention from people.


6 shinny corlor acrylic sheet.png

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