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Why do home decoration materials turn yellow and how to take preventive measures?

Date: 2023-08-02
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Why do home decoration materials turn yellow and how to take preventive measures?


The decorative materials used in the customized home industry are tending towards diversification. During the use process, various decorative materials may undergo irreversible damage such as yellowing, fading, powdering, and cracking due to environmental impact, resulting in a shortened service life. The yellowing of decorative materials is a relatively obvious phenomenon, which not only reduces the aesthetic level of the product, but also affects its performance. Studying the yellowing of decorative materials is of great significance.





一: Factors causing yellowing of decorative materials


During the processing, storage, and application of decorative materials, chemical changes and gradual weakening of physical and mechanical properties may occur due to the comprehensive influence of various internal and external factors. The phenomenon of yellowing on the surface of a material during aging is called yellowing.


The internal factors leading to yellowing mainly include the relative molecular weight and structural distribution of the material, orientation, chemical composition and structure, and changes in impurities contained in the material. The external factors mainly include the effects of light, oxygen, heat, and water:





(1) The speed at which materials undergo yellowing is related to the ambient temperature. Within a certain temperature range, the higher the temperature, the faster the fracture or cross-linking reaction between material molecules occurs, and the faster the yellowing occurs.


(2) The changes caused by photodegradation on the microstructure, surface physical properties, color, and chemical properties of materials are called photoaging, which leads to yellowing of materials.


(3) Water molecules also have a certain impact on materials, which can enter the interior of the material through infiltration and directly degrade the material, causing it to undergo yellowing.


(4) During the application process, the material undergoes oxidation reactions with oxygen molecules in the air, generating free radicals, macromolecular hydroxides, and peroxides. It can also cause the fracture of carbon carbon bonds and the rupture of unsaturated double bonds, leading to yellowing of the material.

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二: How to prevent yellowing of decorative materials


Various types of decorative materials are applied in different situations and have varying sensitivity to certain factors. Therefore, it is necessary to take different measures to prevent yellowing during the material production and processing process according to different usage conditions.




(1) Preventing the influence of heat: Adding plasticizers to enhance the plasticity of materials, preventing thermal degradation of materials at high or low temperatures, and causing changes in material properties.


(2) Preventing the impact of water: Under acidic or alkaline conditions, high polymers such as polyester, acetals, and polysaccharide macromolecules will undergo hydrolysis reactions when they encounter water molecules. To prevent such situations, the main methods currently used are to strictly dry the material before processing, or to cover the surface with a waterproof film to prevent water molecules from entering the interior of the material.




(3) Preventing the influence of light: According to the material characteristics, light stabilizers can be added, such as ultraviolet absorbers, light shielding agents, quenching agents, and free radical trapping agents, to prevent material molecules from coming into contact with ultraviolet light and storing it at a certain energy value, leading to degradation reactions.


(3) Preventing the impact of oxygen: Adding main and auxiliary antioxidants mainly reduces the number of unstable free radicals, thereby achieving the goal of inhibiting the occurrence of oxidative degradation reactions in materials.




三: Recommended three anti yellowing facial mask


If furniture products need to be placed in the environment exposed to the sun, EB decorative facial mask with EB coating with good weather resistance can be selected. The EB four resistant film produced by Zhihua Group with honor is applied to the film material with the EB electron beam curing technology of imported black technology. How to form a functional coating film with EB electron beam coating? It has remarkable excellent characteristics: good weather resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, graffiti resistance and easy cleaning, It has the advantages of scratch resistance, micro scratch and Hotfix.



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