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The differences between flame retardant board and fireproof board

Date: 2023-12-08
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The differences between flame retardant board and fireproof board

When wooden materials are widely used in home decoration design, fire prevention issues have become increasingly prominent. Although wooden products are aesthetically pleasing when used for decoration, their natural flammability poses a safety hazard. Once caught on fire, it will cause serious damage to life and property. In order to improve fire prevention and control capabilities, effective fire risk control needs to be carried out from the source. As a type of material with excellent performance, fire-resistant and flame-retardant panels are not only widely used in high-rise shopping malls, but also gradually entering home decoration. So what are flame retardant boards and fireproof boards, and what are their differences?


01: The difference between flame retardant board and fireproof board


01-1 What is flame retardant board

Flame retardant board, also known as flame retardant board, flame retardant plywood, flame retardant plywood, etc., is made by cutting wood segments into veneer or thin wood, adding appropriate flame retardants, and then bonding odd layers of veneer perpendicular to each other in the direction of adjacent veneer fibers. After hot pressing, the flame retardant board produced has the flame retardant effect specified by national standards.


Flame retardant board


Therefore, in fact, flame retardant board is a plywood with added flame retardants, which not only maintains the excellent performance, processing performance, and decorative function of traditional artificial boards, but also has five major characteristics: flame retardancy, smoke suppression, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, and stability, and has strong practicality.

The base material of flame-retardant board is solid wood plywood, and the board surface is thin wood veneer, with a relatively rough surface. The flame retardant principle of flame retardant board is that when subjected to high temperature or open flame, the flame retardant substances contained in it undergo polymerization reaction, releasing a large amount of water molecules to absorb heat, thereby forming an isolation carbonization layer on the surface of wood, reducing the surface temperature of combustible materials, and achieving the effect of flame retardant.


It should be noted that flame retardant boards cannot completely prevent the occurrence of fires. They can only slow down the spread of the fire to a certain extent and buy more time for escape and firefighting. Therefore, while using flame retardant boards, other measures need to be taken to strengthen fire safety.

01-2 What is fireproof board

Fireproof board, also known as fire-resistant board, is a new type of environmentally friendly composite board. Unlike the main raw material of flame-retardant board which is wood, fire-resistant board is a surface decorative fire-resistant board made mainly of siliceous or calcareous materials, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, cement, adhesives, and chemical additives, and then overlaid with pre impregnated kraft paper and decorative paper, and pressed at high temperature and pressure. The partition designed with this material has ideal fire and smoke exhaust effects, and this structure is generally not affected by external interference, with high reliability. 


Fireproof board


Fireproof board is a decorative board that undergoes flame retardant treatment on the surface of non combustible substrates such as mineral wool and glass wool. Therefore, it has rich surface colors, textures, and special physical properties. Due to the thorough impregnation of the surface with melamine resin, the wear-resistant and scratch resistant properties of the fireproof board are excellent, as well as good waterproof and mold resistant properties, impact resistance, and flexibility.


In addition, fireproof boards are just a common term among people, and they are not really afraid of fire, but rather have certain fire resistance properties. Compared to other high-end building materials, fireproof boards have a lower price, are suitable for large-scale applications, and can be processed into various shapes and sizes as needed, making installation and use convenient.

Both flame-retardant and fire-resistant boards can play a role in preventing and controlling fires. However, flame-retardant boards prevent the spread of fires and act after they occur, while fire-resistant boards prevent fires and prioritize them.


02 Common types of flame retardant and fire-resistant boards


02-1 Common types of flame retardant boards

In addition to possessing basic characteristics such as effective flame retardant performance, high temperature resistance, significant smoke suppression effect, and strong stability, flame retardant boards also have waterproof properties. Flame retardant boards can be roughly divided into the following categories: general flame retardant boards, namely non moisture resistant flame retardant boards, which meet the conventional flame retardant performance but are neither waterproof nor moisture-proof; Water resistant flame retardant board and moisture resistant flame retardant board; And reinforced weather resistant and boiling water resistant flame retardant boards, which are not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but can also be treated with steam.



Conventional artificial boards have standard length and width specifications, according to 2400 × Produce with a size of 1220 (in millimeters) (determine whether it is 2400 or 2440). As a type of artificial board, flame retardant board has a unified specification. Compared with conventional artificial plywood, the thickness of flame retardant board has some limitations, with the most commonly used thicknesses being 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm.



02-2 Common types of fireproof boards

There are many types of fire-resistant boards on the market, which can be divided into several categories based on the main materials: mineral wool board, glass wool board, cement board, perlite board, floating bead board, vermiculite board, fire-resistant gypsum board, calcium silicate fiber board, magnesium oxychloride fire-resistant board, and magnesium oxychloride fire-resistant board.


Mineral wool board, glass wool board

The physical and chemical properties of the above materials themselves are different, so the fireproof boards made have different properties. For example, the maximum operating temperature of glass wool products is generally less than 450 ° C, so it is not suitable for fire protection with the fire resistance limit of building construction. When selecting fireproof boards, they should be selected based on their characteristics and applicable location.


03 Application of flame retardant board and fireproof board

Flame retardant board is a material that is required by public place decoration regulations to be used. It is widely used in various types of public place decoration with strict fire prevention and flame retardant requirements, high-end home decoration, high-end furniture, high-speed train carriages, sports venues and other grassroots partition wall design needs. It can effectively prevent the spread of fires and buy time for escape and rescue.


Fireproof panels are widely used in indoor decoration, furniture, cabinets, exterior walls, and other fields due to their diverse selection of patterns. They can be used to make fireproof doors, windows, and other materials. Mineral wool board, cement board, gypsum board are mainly used for partition walls, suspended ceilings and other parts; Magnesium oxychloride and magnesium oxysulfide fireproof boards can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, fireproof boards, moisture-proof boards, etc; Magnesium oxysulfide fireproof board can also be used as the main material for smoke exhaust ducts, and is widely used in large public construction projects or residential projects.

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