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What is an EB board? What are the advantages of EB board?  Firstly, let's take a look at EB: EB is the English abbreviation for electron beam. EB electron beam refers to the electron beam that is accelerated by a high-voltage electric field and is an energy carrier with ultra-high energy. So EB board is a board processed using EB electron beam curing technology.  What is EB electron beam curing technology? EB electron beam solidification is a process in which high-energy electron beams generated by electron accelerators are used as radiation sources to induce liquid oli...
发布时间: 2023 - 07 - 26
What is the EB cabinet door panelAs consumers' demands for home quality and environmental performance continue to rise, home companies are also increasingly emphasizing the importance of 'environmental protection' and 'appearance' as two factors. Zhihua Group adheres to the concept of integrating global good products and creating a good board. It has always adhered to creating home products that balance excellent performance and safety and environmental protection, continuously improving product safety and environmental protection, and enhancing product quality. For ne...
发布时间: 2023 - 07 - 19
Successfully concluded | vividly demonstrated the EB solidification 'core' application, revisiting the true style of the ZhiHua group booth  The 25th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) successfully concluded on July 11, 2023. This exhibition has formed five theme exhibition areas of 'customization, system, intelligence, design, and material arts' and a new layout of sanitary ware expo. The exhibition area is 400000 square meters, attracting nearly 2000 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and continuing to be the world's largest exhibition in t...
发布时间: 2023 - 07 - 13
What is  PET decorative board and what are its advantages ?The development of innovative processes is the support and driving force for product upgrading. PET material, as a new type of polymer environmentally friendly material, has good resistance and food grade safety performance. It is widely used in many fields that pursue performance and safety, and is made from it in daily life, such as drug packaging, mineral water bottles, plastic milk bottles, etc. So what exactly is  PET decorative board and what are the advantages of PET decorative board?一: Wh...
发布时间: 2023 - 07 - 05
Black technology for decorative panels | Zhihua EB SINAI board  Electron beam curing technologyEB curing, also known as electron beam curing, utilizes an electron accelerator to emit an electron beam and 'bombard' the liquid coating on the surface of a material, causing it to instantly polymerize or crosslink, forming a three-dimensional hinge network and obtaining high-performance EB coatings.Simply put, it means capturing electrons present in nature through technological means to form an electron beam, which is accelerated to near the speed of light within a short distance ...
发布时间: 2023 - 06 - 14
The 27th China (Shanghai) International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition in 2023  The highly anticipated KBC 2023 27th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facility Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. From June 7th to 10th, the world's top manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom equipment and accessories will gather together to showcase their latest products and innovative technologies. In this highly anticipated industry event, Zhihua Group's EB SINAI film materials made their debut at the exhibition as scheduled. As a leading...
发布时间: 2023 - 06 - 09
How many kinds of surface material of  boards do have  ❓The decoration is a layer of decorative material attached to the outside of the substrate, mainly used to display the colors and patterns of the cabinet to be more diverse. At present, the types of customized decorative panels for the entire house are mainly divided into five categories:① Solid wood baking paint board, which is a process of painting and spraying on solid wood boards. ✅ The advantages can highlight the texture of the board, have a good feel, and can be used for various shapes. ❌ The disad...
发布时间: 2023 - 06 - 07
THERE ARE 5 MOST POPULAR BOARD DESIGNS FROM CUSTOMERS FAVOURATE IN 2023How to choose board for home decoration? Choosing the right brand is important! Zhihua board, the 'Hermes' in the board is your best choice. Whether in terms of quality or environmental protection level, Zhihua board is one step ahead of ordinary boards, so choosing Zhihua board allows you to live at home with peace of mind! There are many types of boards, with similar uses and different designs. Below is a brief  introduction to several popular boards! Taking Zhihua EB SINAI boards as an ex...
发布时间: 2023 - 06 - 02
EB Electron Beam Curing - New Applications on Decorative FilmsElectron Beam (EB) refers to the flow of electrons with a certain amount of energy that gather in space and move in the same direction. The process of using an electron beam to transform a liquid material into a solid material is called electron beam solidification. EB curing technology is an efficient, pollution-free, and energy-saving processing technology, widely used in industries such as coatings, inks, adhesives, and composite materials. EB curing is a cold process that does not generate heat, so its advantages ...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 31
ZHI HUA EB SINAI BOARD  ▋  BEST level decorative panels in the decorative panel industryHow is Zhihua EB SINAI board produced?Zhihua EB SINAI board is produced through a unique aerospace EB electron beam curing technology that combines double bond conversion rate and high penetration depth cold processing.This technology does not require the addition of harmful substances such as initiators, curing agents, solvents, etc. The energy generated is hundreds of thousands of times that of UV curing and thermal curing, and the curing degree reaches 100% wi...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 26
ZHIHUA EB SINAI Film Material Crosses the Sea go abroad  X Honorably Appears at the INTERZUM Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, Successfully Ends!After 4 days, the INTERZUM exhibition in May 2023, Cologne, Germany, came to a successful conclusion! Although the exhibition only lasted for a short period of 4 days, every aspect of preparation, layout, and meticulous product display has invested our infinite effort. Adhering to the concept of product quality first and sincere service to every customer, we have presented the EB SINAI film series and other p...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 15
HOW TO IDENTIFY TRUE AND FALSE EB FOUR RESISTANCE FILMS : LOOK, SMELL, TOUCH,SUN SHINEWhy is the market vigorously promoting EB technology now? Good technology is applied to industry and empowered can it truly have market value. In the past few years, electron beam technology has rapidly evolved in the field of material surface treatment, making EB curing a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional curing methods. For example, the EB four resistant film launched by Guangdong DAEI New Materials Co., Ltd. After EB treatment, the surface of the material...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 09
Strong screen dominance! Zhihua Group Advertising Login to Guangzhou South Station!2023 is undoubtedly a year of rapid development for Zhihua, as well as an important year for strategic upgrading, product upgrading, and performance doubling. In the fiercely competitive environment, the traditional path of the home furnishing industry is inevitably undergoing reform and transformation. How to increase brand awareness and influence, so that distributors can see the strength and brand support of the enterprise, is the goal that Zhihua is actively exploring.Guangzhou South High Speed Railway Stati...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 05
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