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Decorative film material black technology | What is EB four resistant film?Recently, Guangdong Dayi New Materials Co., Ltd. has vigorously launched a new film product - EB four resistant film, leading the trend of customized film materials in the era of 'wind vane'. And with a luxurious texture and long-lasting freshness, it endows the home space with a fashionable experience of high aesthetic value, achieving a new upgrade of film material's practical performance and high aesthetic value.And all of this is mainly attributed to the leading black technology adopted by EB four resist...
发布时间: 2023 - 04 - 27
PETG Material DetailsPETG (POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE GLYCOL-MODIFIED)is a plastic resin of the polyester family that is used to make beverage, food and other liquid containers, as well as for some other thermoforming applications. PETG is a clear amorphous thermoplastic that can be injection molded or sheet extruded. It can be colored during processing.PETG can be semi-rigid to rigid, depending on its thickness, and it is very lightweight. The main virtue of PETG is that it is fully recyclable. Unlike other plastics, its polymer chains can be recovered for additional useIt makes a good g...
发布时间: 2018 - 11 - 05
E0, ENF, F 4-star, and P2,which is more environmentally friendly? How to detect the environmental protection level of  Medium fiber board E0, ENF, F 4-star, P2, and which one is higher? 1: Testing method for environmental protection level of fiberboard: There are three ways to test the environmental protection level of  MDF board : dryer method, climate chamber method, and drilling extraction method. The drilling extraction method is generally used for internal testing by sheet metal manufacturers and is rarely used for product testin...
发布时间: 2023 - 12 - 15
The differences between flame retardant board and fireproof boardWhen wooden materials are widely used in home decoration design, fire prevention issues have become increasingly prominent. Although wooden products are aesthetically pleasing when used for decoration, their natural flammability poses a safety hazard. Once caught on fire, it will cause serious damage to life and property. In order to improve fire prevention and control capabilities, effective fire risk control needs to be carried out from the source. As a type of material with excellent performance, fire-resistant and flame-retar...
发布时间: 2023 - 12 - 08
What is paint paper? Melamine paper has high brittleness and cannot curl, which affects its application in certain special fields. However, paint paper, with its good curling ability, forms a complementary effect to a certain extent. What is paint paper ? How does the painting paper produce? What is the finishing technology of Paint Paper and how many types of paint paper have ? 01   Development of Paint Paper Painted paper originated from abroad and was produced by Perstorp Company in Sweden in the 1970s. The surface is mainly coated with polycarboxylic...
发布时间: 2023 - 11 - 15
The advanced technology for surface treatment of decorative board  - EB electron beam curing What is EB electron beam curing?EB electron beam refers to the electron beam generated by the acceleration of electrons in a high-voltage electric field. It is an energy carrier with ultra-high energy, capable of instantaneous solidification in 5 milliseconds, with an excellent curing degree of 100%, and without any harmful substance emissions. At the same time, EB electron beam curing technology, due to its ability to improve material performance and provide unparalleled physical a...
发布时间: 2023 - 11 - 08
DECORATIVE BOARDSThe commonly used decorative boards  in home decoration include: melamine board , PVC laminated board, PET decorative board, acrylic decorative board, and EB decorative board.  Structure of decorative boards   1.melamine decorative board:Melamine decorative panel is a type of board made of melamine paper as the veneer material and applied to the board under high temperature and pressure. It is commonly used in furniture manufacturing, flooring, wall panels, and other indoor deco...
发布时间: 2023 - 09 - 22
Substrate board and Its Advantages / Disadvantages The commonly used substrate boards in whole house customization/home decoration include solid wood boards, plywood boards, particle boards, ecological boards, OSB boards, MDF board, etc. The commonly used types of board in the market are substrate and decorative panel, and according to substrate classification, they are divided into solid wood board and artificial board. So what are the types  advantages and disadvantages of solid wood board and artificial board? 1.Solid wood boardSolid wood board: Simply put...
发布时间: 2023 - 09 - 08
What is CPL decorative material and its advantages & applications CPL is a new type of environmentally friendly heterotypic coating material, also known as continuous laminated fireproof board or thin fireproof board. CPL is the abbreviation for the first letters of the three English words 'Continuous, Pressurized, and Laminated Material'. It is a composite material made of melamine impregnated decorative paper and non-woven or parchment paper lamination. After being coated with CPL, the product does not need to be coated with a surface layer of paint to express natu...
发布时间: 2023 - 09 - 06
What are the differences between pet and acrylic 一、 Different material compositions PET plastic, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, has the chemical formula [COC6H4COOCH2CH2CH2O] n. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a common resin in daily life, which is synthesized by exchanging dimethyl terephthalate with ethylene glycol or esterification of terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol to synthesize dihydroxyethyl terephthalate, followed by condensation reaction. Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, is derived from acrylic (acrylic plastic) in English, and its ch...
发布时间: 2023 - 08 - 04
Why do home decoration materials turn yellow and how to take preventive measures? The decorative materials used in the customized home industry are tending towards diversification. During the use process, various decorative materials may undergo irreversible damage such as yellowing, fading, powdering, and cracking due to environmental impact, resulting in a shortened service life. The yellowing of decorative materials is a relatively obvious phenomenon, which not only reduces the aesthetic level of the product, but also affects its performance. Studying the yellowing of decorative materi...
发布时间: 2023 - 08 - 02
Which is better, MDF board or particle board? Advantages and disadvantages of MDF board and particle board. Board is the most important material for customizing cabinets and wardrobes nowadays, and its quality directly determines the quality of the final finished cabinet and wardrobe. So, which is better, density board or particle board? What are their advantages and disadvantages? please follow and analyze which one is better, MDF board or particle board!  一: Which is better, MDF board or particle board? 1. Particle bo...
发布时间: 2023 - 07 - 15
What is an acrylic sheet?Acrylic sheet is a common transparent material, also known as acrylic, organic glass, or PMMA material. Its main component is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is a thermoplastic with excellent optical and mechanical properties.One of the characteristics of acrylic sheet is their high transparency, which can reach over 90% of the transparency of glass. In addition, it also has good heat resistance, impact resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. Acrylic sheet is an excellent plastic with excellent physical, chemical, and mec...
发布时间: 2023 - 07 - 08
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