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Characteristics and Applications of Electron Beam Curing (EB)EB curing technology uses an electron beam as a radiation source to induce the rapid transformation of specially configured 100% solid materials (such as EB coatings, EB inks, etc.) into solids. The earliest application of this technology abroad was by Ford Company in the United States. In the 1970s, Ford applied EB curing technology to the coating of automotive components; Around 2004, some printing companies in China only began to introduce EB curing equipment, mainly used for the coating of gloss.Most people believe that the diffe...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 24
What is PET board?With the prevalence of minimalist, creamy, and medieval styles, a type of board called PET board is now very popular, especially among young people. It is often used on cabinet doors and door panels, and some even on countertops and desks. Minimalist, clean, and atmospheric, what exactly is a PET board? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What are the details of its craftsmanship?What is PET board? 1. What is PET board? 2. Advantages and disadvantages of PET board 3. Process details of PET board.What is PET board? ...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 18
ZHIHUA EB SINAI Film Material Crosses the Sea go abroad  X Honorably Appears at the INTERZUM Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, Successfully Ends!After 4 days, the INTERZUM exhibition in May 2023, Cologne, Germany, came to a successful conclusion! Although the exhibition only lasted for a short period of 4 days, every aspect of preparation, layout, and meticulous product display has invested our infinite effort. Adhering to the concept of product quality first and sincere service to every customer, we have presented the EB SINAI film series and other p...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 15
HOW TO CHOOSE DECORATIVE BOARD FOR YOUR HOME FURNITURE BOARDS?From ancient times to the present, human pursuit of living has been constantly changing, and decoration materials have also been constantly innovating, from logs to artificial boards, from artificial boards to decorative panels. Continuously exploring the balance between natural environmental protection and living environment from the perspective of raw materials, adding to the beauty of living, what are the excellent decorative panels available? According to the decorative materials, there are 6 opinions recommend: 1: wood veneer&#...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 12
HOW TO IDENTIFY TRUE AND FALSE EB FOUR RESISTANCE FILMS : LOOK, SMELL, TOUCH,SUN SHINEWhy is the market vigorously promoting EB technology now? Good technology is applied to industry and empowered can it truly have market value. In the past few years, electron beam technology has rapidly evolved in the field of material surface treatment, making EB curing a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional curing methods. For example, the EB four resistant film launched by Guangdong DAEI New Materials Co., Ltd. After EB treatment, the surface of the material...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 09
Strong screen dominance! Zhihua Group Advertising Login to Guangzhou South Station!2023 is undoubtedly a year of rapid development for Zhihua, as well as an important year for strategic upgrading, product upgrading, and performance doubling. In the fiercely competitive environment, the traditional path of the home furnishing industry is inevitably undergoing reform and transformation. How to increase brand awareness and influence, so that distributors can see the strength and brand support of the enterprise, is the goal that Zhihua is actively exploring.Guangzhou South High Speed Railway Stati...
发布时间: 2023 - 05 - 05
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